Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Reasonable Gun Control"

The massacre at Century 16 got me really upset.  The early reports indicated that the shooter was fully protected with ballistic armor, and thus would have been a difficult takedown for a concealed carrier in the audience.  It turns out he wasn't, and one shooter could have easily ended the carnage.  The theater and the community don't like concealed carry.  In my opinion, if they choose to deny a lawful holder of a CCW permit the right to self protection, they are obligated to safeguard their patrons with, at a minimum, metal detectors and security guards at every entrance and unlocked exit.

To me, a simple solution to this problem would be a sign at the entrance that welcomes lawful concealed carry on the premises.  In some states, including mine, concealed carry is not allowed when paid admission is required.  So, let permit holders in free.  I would guarantee that cowardly mass killers like the recent one would avoid theaters with these policies.

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