Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hemispatial Neglect
Hemispatial neglect is generally left sided, and is common in people who have injuries to the right cerebral cortex. It also is seen in MS, tumors, stroke victims, and sometimes in post-encephalitic patients. My eighteen year old son and I have each been involved in motor vehicle incidents in the past week, in which drivers failed to see oncoming vehicles on the left side, and entered the intersection right in front of the oncoming car (ours, in each case). I wonder how often this condition is a factor in accidents. I know that the individuals who have this condition are usually completely unaware of it. We once did an experiment involving motorists at intersections with oncoming motorcycles. Overall, about 80% failed to recognize the collision risk when the motorcycle had its lights off, and about 25% when the lights were on. We didn't separate left and right approaches, but I believe that the risk would be statistically higher in approaches from the left. You can buy this watch here.


scalpel said...

Yikes, hope y'all are OK.

Joints said...

We're OK. Underwear not necessarily pristine. Happy Fathers Day. Give the kids a squeeze.