Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You say you want a revolution!

Presidential candidate Barack Obama is an articulate speaker and has star quality that has appeal to all classes of voters. He appears likely to be the Democrat nominee for President of the United States. I have a few concerns, and one of them is what he really believes in. What is in his heart, his core? Is he, in fact, sort of a Manchurian Candidate?

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scalpel said...

He's a great orator, stirring enthusiasm among his followers. I give him credit for those qualities, and I recognize their importance in a world leader.

But he is the most inexperienced presidential candidate imaginable, and he has never been a leader; his congressional career is distinguished by following the Democrat lead on every single vote (except for his numerous "present" votes on the controversial issues).

He's riding quite a wave right now, but I think he's going to wipe out in the end. In the Austin debate he said he was going to raise taxes on everyone who earns over $75,000. I can't see how that platform would be successful even if he wasn't an inexperienced "black" man whose name reminds us of Muslim terrorists.